Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hello 2016!

The new year is here and I am ready to make things happen. I am new to the Stay at Home Mom world and loving it so far! I continually find myself caught between wanting to do every project I've ever seen on Pinterest and feeling like there is no time to get anything done. So... why not add writing blog posts to the to-do list? :)

Since making the decision to stay home with my third grade son and 8 month old daughter, I have been playing with some amazing recipes that have gotten rave reviews from the fam, as well as experimenting with cleaning and organization techniques. I've even snuck a few baby photo shoots in! The thought that I should be documenting these challenges and accomplishments started swimming through my head.

This year I didn't make any resolutions, instead I am focusing on less specific improvements. My list of things to work on includes organization, budgeting, losing weight, eating healthier, doing more crafts, efficient cleaning routines and being the best mom I can be! It seems to me that most of these things are the same improvements that many people think of while trying to better themselves and their worlds. SOOOO, welcome to Meeshie's World, where I will share my improvement process!

See you soon!