Thursday, January 28, 2016

DIY Princess Room Decorations #TBT

Happy Thursday! I have so much fun looking back through pictures to find a throwback project or party to share every Thursday :) This week, I am sharing a project from almost 2 years ago! As you will come to find out, many of my projects are co-captained by my best friend Penni. Not only are we besties, she is also Paul's baby sister so she can't get rid of me even if she tries!

One of our close family friends decided to redecorate the room their daughters share as a birthday present for one of them. Our friends stayed up all night putting layers and layers of glitter paint on the walls, rearranging the furniture and the girls got all new bedding! Penni and I decided to go princess crazy to add some extra pizzazz to the room!

Let me first say that Penni is a super shopper!!! She came across a lamp and wall art set that matched the room. We added glitter letters that say "SMILE" at the bottom of the lamp, but otherwise both of these were able to go in the room as is!

Penni also found a Tinkerbell sheet set that we knew we wanted to incorporate in some way. She had previously wrapped canvases in fabric and we thought that would look really cool in the room. Unfortunately we couldn't find a good deal on a giant sized blank canvas, but we did find a couple medium canvases on sale. Using flat brackets, Paul helped connect the 2 canvases creating a big one, then we used a staple gun to wrap the whole thing in fabric. We also wrapped two little canvases in the leftover fabric. We painted thin wood letters from the craft store and used a hot glue gun to attach them to the fabric. As a finishing touch, we attached glittery butterflies to each canvas!

One thing we knew for sure was that we wanted to put black and white pictures of both girls in the room. Penni and I looked through pictures of them and had several of our favorites printed. We bought two cheap white frames to up-cycle. We painted them a beautiful teal with a glitter overlay, then added princess-y words with glitter letters in the corners of each frame and threw on a few more butterflies :)

Our final contribution was a super cute sisters picture frame. We bought it unfinished from the craft store and painted it to match the colors of the room. We used glitter letters to spell out their names on each frame and added another glittery butterfly.

Overall, the room looked amazing and the girls absolutely loved it! I think that it is one of my favorite projects that I've worked on. I hope you enjoyed this walk through memory lane, I definitely did!

See you soon,


  1. Looks so fun! Love the sisters sign with the hanging frames!

  2. They are lovely and maybe I can use some of your ideas for decorating the room for my two angels :)
    Thanks for sharing and have a great day ahead.

    Greetings from Dubai!!

  3. Cute decor! I really like the picture frames!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ The Submarine Sunday Link Party

    1. Thanks so much! They were so fun to make too :)