Tuesday, May 17, 2016



I am so sorry! 

It has been almost two weeks since I've shared with all of you and I have had SO MUCH going on. Never fear though, I am back and I've got some amazing content up my sleeve!

Since I've seen you last I have been really focusing on the Biggest Loser competition. Updates from the first two weeks can be found here and here. This is the last week of the competition and I am trying to be even more disciplined than ever! I think I'm going to leave you all in suspense until the final results come in, then I will fill you in on how it went! I will also be giving you a whole write up on the way that I fast tracked my weight loss and how you can do the same.

Another huge event that happened in my absence was Olivia's first birthday. My parents spent the week with us to help us celebrate and prep for her party. They are also looking to buy a second home in our area now that my dad is retired, so we spent quite a bit of time last week house hunting!

On Olivia's birthday, we did an amazing cake smash photo shoot. Both Paul's twin sister Patti and my dad are photographers, so they did the majority of the pictures, but here is a sneak peek that I took on my iPhone.

Stay tuned for a post where I share the entire set up of the photo shoot. Also, see that cute crown on her head? Totally homemade and I've got the tutorial for you to check out!

After her photo shoot, we spent her birthday at the Indianapolis Children's Museum. If you have not been there, no matter your age, you are missing out! I will be sharing a post highlighting the museum in the near future as well!

We also had a party for Olivia with lots of family and friends who wanted to celebrate with her. In addition to a tutorial on the high chair tutu I made for the event, I will also be sharing a post on throwing a great low-key 1st birthday party.

I've also been up to some other projects that I can't wait to write about! Stay tuned because I am BACK and ready to go!!!

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