Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! As fun as it is to have a day to recognize the people you love, I also think that showing affection every day of the year is just as important. We tend to celebrate the day as a family fun fest. We started off with a delicious Valentine's Day breakfast. I made some scrumptious heart shaped pancakes with eggs and bacon. The pancakes are so easy to make, just make two dollops of pancake mix and use a spoon to pull down at the bottom!

It has been a busy, busy week here, so it is nice to be spending a relaxing day at home. We have some chicken in the crockpot and no intention of leaving the house! It is even supposed to snow, which we are thrilled about. Send snowy vibes our way!!!

Friday was Gavin's Valentine's Day party at school. Every year, the kids get to design and make a valentine collection box to bring in. It is a fun excuse for a craft project. Last year, we started early and made a Doctor Who TARDIS box.

It was actually surprisingly easy. We painted a small Amazon box blue, then printed the windows and other graphics on label paper, so we could just stick them right on. Paul took care of cutting a hole in the top to put the valentines in, as well as making the hook to close the front of the box.

This year, we procrastinated! On Thursday night, we decided he wanted to make a cell phone box. In the interest of saving time, we glued construction paper to a cereal box instead of painting it.

After that, we took a screen shot from a phone and printed it. Our color ink cartridge was empty, so it printed in black and white, then was hand colored :)  I totally forgot about printing on label paper, so after coloring it in, we glued it to the box. Gavin compared the phone to his box and added a few details with a sharpie, like the speaker and the camera. Last but not least, we cut a hole in the top to put the valentines in.

The cell phone valentine box was a hit, he got lots of compliments on it! I wore Olivia to the party in my Lillebaby carrier, which was wonderful. She loved seeing all of the kids and I thoroughly enjoyed helping the kiddos with an awesome key chain craft that the room mother came up with! All in all, it has been a wonderful Valentine's Day week! 

Now I'm going to spend the rest of the day relaxing with the fam! I hope you have an amazing Love Day :)

See you soon, 

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