Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day!

Happy February 29th! Such a special day, to only happen once every four years! Gavin had his first day of standardized testing today, so we got up early to make him a hot breakfast. He was pretty nervous before school, so Olivia and I decided to go have lunch with him and hear all about the test. Luckily, he felt a lot better about it afterwards! After school, we had a Doctor Who marathon and I made him pizza and pepperoni bread sticks for dinner, his favorite!

We really wanted to start some sort of tradition this year to commemorate the day. We decided to do a mini time capsule. Paul, Gavin, and I wrote letters to our future selves and we are going to include a current family picture. I am going to put it all in an envelope and hide it away in our lock box for the next four years.

I can't wait to open up the envelope on the next February 29th! It is hard to imagine what life will be like in 2020 when we get to read and reminisce!!!

Did you do anything special to celebrate Leap Day? I hope it was a wonderful day :)

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