Saturday, April 2, 2016

Six EASY April Fools Day Pranks!

Happy April Fools Day! I haven't ever really celebrated the holiday before. At most, I would make up something outrageous and try to pass it off as truth. I don't think anyone ever bought it!

This year, April Fools Day was during Spring Break. It gave me the perfect opportunity to spend the day pranking Gavin. Plus, Gavin and I were able to team up on a couple pranks to get Paul!

Frozen Cereal

We started off the day with breakfast. This was the only prank that took some advance planning. Last night before bed, Paul and I filled up a bowl with milk and cereal, then stuck it in the freezer. When Gavin was up and ready to eat, I took the bowl out, sprinkled a little extra cereal on top, then poured in a little bit of milk. 

Watching him try to dig the spoon in to no avail was hilarious! I could see the wheels turning in his head as he remembered that it was April Fools Day :)

He decided to have pancakes instead, hahaha!

Cracked Phone Screen

A little while later I put my next plan into motion. Gavin had a few toys and costumes downstairs, so I asked him to gather up all of his stuff and take it upstairs. While he was up there, I used his phone to do a Google search for an image of a cracked phone screen. Once I saved it to the phone, I opened it up in pictures so that it looked like it was broken.

As he was coming down the stairs I banged my hand on the kitchen table. I said "Oh no bub! I dropped your phone!". It was a fantastic acting job, if I do say so myself. He walked over to say that it was okay, then I turned the phone to him allowing him to see the cracked screen.

Once I handed it to him it didn't take long for him to realize that I was faking. I laughed. A lot, haha!

Dirty Toilet Seat

This one didn't work out for me. In theory though, it is a great prank! 

I started with a toilet paper roll, then ran it under water. I got the roll fully saturated, then crumpled and twisted it up until it looked disgusting :) Next, I placed it on the edge of the toilet seat in Gavin's bathroom and waited for a reaction. 

Not long after I set it up, I walked past the bathroom and didn't see it. Somehow it fell into the toilet. I used another toilet paper roll to fish it out, then went and confessed my failure to Gavin.

Brown Es

My last trick on Gavin was around the time for our afternoon snack. I looked for brown construction paper, but since I couldn't find any I just colored white paper with a brown marker after cutting it into a pile of Es.

I placed the brown Es into a pan and covered it with foil. I pretended that I had baked brownies the night before then offered them to him for snack. He was VERY disappointed to find out that the only thing in the pan was paper!

I was even able to recycle this prank when Paul got home from work :)


Next it was time for Gavin and I to come up with a few pranks to play on Paul. We planned to offer him some Brown Es, but we wanted something else too.

On Pinterest, I found a way to take a picture that looked like the subject was levitating. That is a perfect thing for Gavin! 

It is incredibly simple, just pour water on a spot close to where you are standing. It then is supposed to look like your shadow on the ground. 

We texted it to Paul saying that he had been practicing all day and was finally able to levitate :)

Gavin and I both like but don't love the result. I don't actually think it looks like he is floating, but there is probably an easy way to tweak it to make it look better. Maybe if he had been standing closer or farther from the water. Maybe it needed to be smaller or shaped differently. 

I think that we will probably try again, because it would be cool to have a picture where he actually looks like he is levitating!

Bright Bug

We are bug haters in our house. Paul takes care of all bugs, but only because I am a total baby about it. He really isn't much of a fan himself. I cut out the shape of a bug. Well, it was supposed to look like a bug but it ended up just looking like a blob. We taped it to the inside of one of our tall living room lamps.

Gavin is an actor, so he did a phenomenal job convincing Paul that there was something crazy in the light. Paul approached slowly, shoe in hand, until Gavin and I started cracking up! We definitely got him on this one, even with my terrible cutting job :)

Bonus: Remote Control Failure

One prank that Gavin and I tried to play didn't work out at all. I'm mostly telling you this so that you don't waste your time trying it, despite the fact that it's ridiculously quick and easy. We covered the sensor of our remote with a piece of tape. It was supposed to stop it from working, but our remote must be really awesome because it still worked.

Each of these ideas was quick and easy and most of them took very little preparation. I had so much fun setting these up and seeing the look on both boys' faces! I will definitely be participating in April Fools Day in the future!

Did you prank anyone this year?


  1. Aw, these are some fun ideas for April fools. Cute pictures too! Love it. Thanks for sharing your posts at Brag About It!

    1. Thanks so much! It was fun for me, but I was the prankster ;)

  2. I wish I'd seen the cracked screen one sooner! Next year, I'll get you my pretties. ;)

    1. They'll be even more unsuspecting if you pull the prank NOT on April Fools Day! Mwahaha :)

  3. Frozen cereal is epic!! What a great idea!

    Thanks for sharing at #bloggerspotlight!